E.J. Runyon

This powerful collection brings together 17 short stories linked only by flight or denial.

The distinct characters in Claiming One are both incredibly loving and tragically flawed: far from finding anything, and an even longer way from peace. Yet, E.J. Runyon masterfully intertwines a trail of hope, found in the hearts of the characters, to string these tales together. We welcome them: still standing, albeit wobbling, as adults or as children determined to act in adult-like ways.

Often, we arrive to their story on the heels of a major change, whether actual or symbolic; death of beliefs, sureties or illusions. Each offers a glimpse into the characters’ moment of choice. We witness perilous options, discoveries and decisions, all while considering the flawless humanity presented to us.

Note: The stories in this collection are not suitable for young readers. All readers purchase at their discretion.