I coach for the same reasons I write: the love of words, storytelling, and helping others.

I want the world to be able to write their story, and coaching lets me get to help some of them to  do that. No matter the genre, or length of your work, I can help bring out the story you were meant to tell. Here’s a link to a client’s blog post where she talks about her beginning and edited versions of work we did together.

She shows a bit of her opening scene in first draft version as well as our edited draft.

We worked on the basic skills she needed in sentence structure, in-scene writing, and descriptions. And I also prompted with questions about her story’s intentions that worked to bring out what she meant but had yet to show within her first draft – all that hadn’t yet come onto the page. You can see the change in her storytelling from draft to draft.

Comments on my style of coaching:

"E.J. has done much more than prove to me that writing is a mosaic skill, worthy of a myriad of effort, but also that it is a sharp-bladed pillow from which we all draw a precise dream."

~ V. Pittsenbargar

“E.J.’s done exactly what I wanted and been searching for. Help about story telling and the English language. Not just in punctuation, or grammar. But about the craft. I wanted to get my readers more engaged in my story. In swoops E.J to save the day.”

~ D. Chapman

“I'm glad I found E.J., she's a wonderful coach. It's like being a kid getting on a bike for the first time, and realizing what the pedals do. The revisions I'm doing now are helping me tell the story that I want to tell.”

~ C. Murphy

“E.J.'s a pot of gold! Working on the same MS can be a weary undertaking and she's breathed new life into me. In just that short time we spent I learnt so much. Anyone who is serious about writing, consider E.J.”

~ T. McWilliams

Comments on my own fiction and plays:

So evocative...your writing is so...can I find the words? It's easy and gentle, and yet the cut it leaves stings after the words have gone. You have a gift for images as well as words.

~ C.J. Wright, DramaWorks Studio Theatre

A lot to praise here, I love your voice, it's just spot on. Over and over you have lines that just make me think, "Ooh."

~ Catherine Ryan Hyde, author- Pay it Forward.

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